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Natural Cactus Rainsticks

Natural Cactus Rainsticks: These beautiful & high quality natural Rain Sticks are made in South America from dried cactus. They have a natural tan color with yarn trim. (Yarn decorations vary.) We carry a large variety of sizes of these wonderfully soothing instruments at fair prices. The longer the rain stick, the longer the duration of sound.

Due to the nature of the natural materials that Rainsticks are made with, variations in sound, weight, straightness (most have some curve - especially the longer ones), diameter, grain, shading & texture are common - no two are alike. Learn more about Cactus Rainsticks

Below is our selection of rainsticks:

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Rainstick Shakers ~ 10"

Small Cactus Rainstick/Shaker ~ 20"

Medium Cactus Rainstick ~ 30"

Large Cactus Rainstick ~ 40"
Out of Stock

Xtra Large Cactus Rainstick ~ 50"
Out of Stock

Thunderlog! Cactus Rainstick ~ 60" Fat
Out of Stock

A large variety of Rainsticks



Thunderlog Rainstick


Small Rainstick


Large Rainstick


Rainstick Shaker

More About Cactus Rain Sticks: The traditional Rain Sticks originated in northern Chile where they are used in ceremonies to bring rain. Made from the skeleton of the capado cactus: when the cactus dies it is dried, hollowed out, and filled with small pebbles. Cactus thorns are driven through the hull of the cactus in a spiral formation, and when the Rain Stick is inverted the fill striking the thorns creates the sound of water falling. As you use your Rainstick the seeds will polish and develop an even finer sound. These Rain Sticks will not wear out, they only wear in. Due to the natural materials used, these fine instruments should always be handled with care. Not for small children!

How to "play" a Rain Stick: There are many ways to "play" Rainstick. For the longest duration of rain, turn your Rainstick very slowly over to about a 45* angle & let the rain fall. You can vary the speed by tilting the Rain Stick more horizontally for lighter rain & more vertical for heavier rain. The small Rainstick & Rainstick shaker can be shaken side to side or end to end.

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