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Croaking Wooden Percussion Frogs       Natural Cactus Rainsticks       Cactus Shakers       Wood Hiking Sticks

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Medium Cactus Rainstick

Size: 29"-30" Long x 1.5"-2.25" Diameter

Medium sound duration rainstick

Due to the nature of the natural materials that Rainsticks are made with, variations in sound, weight, straightness (most have some curve - especially the longer ones), diameter, grain, shading, texture & yarn decorations will vary
from stick to stick
- no two are alike.

Made in Chile


Rainstick Sound Byte


$24.75 each


Medium Cactus Rainstick

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Croaking Wooden Percussion Frogs      Natural Cactus Rainsticks       Cactus Shakers        Wood Hiking Sticks